You will feel me with your every breath,
You will hear my name with each heartbeat.
I will touch you within your soul,
I will make you feel you're not alone.

Close your eyes, you'll find me there.
In your dreams shall I appear.
You will hear my voice in silent  nights.
I'll talk to you when the world gets quiet.

Baby I will feel your blue
Even if Im not with you.
In your thoughts the love we make,
Its so divine,no one can take.

In your trance you'll see my face.
Im like the aura that doesnt erase.
I'll fill your life with bliss and zeal.
I'll pray that your dreams get fulfilled.

Even though now we are not so near,
But one day fate will take us there,
The castle of dreams where we shall raise,
And together spend our quixotic days..


  1. Its most touchy exotic romantic n awesome writing I ever read.I must say dis writing wl giv d reader a feeling dat he is standing alone beneath a large tree thinking bout his fiance n hoping 2 find her very soon in his arms 2 let her know dat he wl b always b dere beside her sharing in everything she does n he is also dying 2 let her know dat he wl love her till eternity widout asking for anything in return n hoping 2 find a serendipity very soon in dere lyf-nirupamm