A story was once born in time,
The story, it was so divine.
The story was of heart and soul,
The story of a dreamy world.

The story that just spoke of love,
The story seemed written above.
Beaded with all colorful dreams,
Songs of life and joy extreme.

Who knows suddenly what went wrong,
Fate snatched all the dreams and all the songs.
The story is now lost in time,
It lost all the tunes and lost all the chimes.

The story never reached its end,
As destiny took this cruel bend.
But in treasure of time it'll always be,
That was the story of You and Me.


Often in the cold dark moments
I sit all alone,
Wearing the warmth of your thoughts
Closing my eyes and
Wrapping my hands around myself.
Though you are with me no more,
But I still feel you,
In the silence of these moments.

Even though we are apart,
Yet you survive within me.
In my mind and soul,
In every drop of tear that flows
In every beat of my heart,
In every deep sigh that comes within me.

The tears dry as the moments tick by,
But the pain does not die.
And the wound still survives,
A waiting heart still calls your name
A dying soul still cries.
"Come back...I MISS YOU".


That was a night of an evil storm,
That was a night in disastrous form.

That was a night of endless tears,
That was a night of worst nightmares.

That was a night of shattered dreams,
That was a night of painful screams .

That was a night of broken heart,
That was a night I tore apart.

That was a night of suffering soul,
That was a night, darkest of all.

That was a night of last adieu,
That was the night when I lost you.


Lonely years and lonely days,
The world abandons but loneliness stays;
Lonely thoughts and lonely dreams
Lonely are my silent screams.

At the lonely old church lane,
My lonely wait for you in vain.
Lonely sobs and lonely sighs,
A lonely drop of tear just dries.

Lonely are the dawns and dusk,
Lonely blues are hard to musk.
At the lonely sleepless nights
Lonely are the endless blights.

Lonely seems this life of mine,
At long lonely hours of pine.
All things end but loneliness thrives;
Lonely is how I still survive.


She was sitting beside him with his hands wrapped around her. They were by the side of the sea. This is where they had first met. And here they were again, but today for the last time ever. They would never meet again, they would never see each other for the rest of their lives.

He was looking at her. Hers was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her eyes so deep, were envious even to the depth of the sea. The color of her lips embarassed even the setting sun. The wind was playing with her silky locks bringing ot over her face again and again. And he was tucking it behind her ears. He had always loved to do it.

Her mood was lost somewhere in the distant red horizon. Her fingers were tangled with his. "In few minutes the sun will set", she thought, "and darkness will engulf the world". She looked at him. His blue eyes were looking ever more blue in this blue evening. She would get herself lost for hours in them. But after this day she would never see them again. None of them uttered a word. But their eyes exchanged endless emotions. Tears rolled down her cheeks. He had wiped her tears so many times before when she had cried for stupid reasons or over silly fights. But today he let them flow.

He then cupped her face between his hands and his lips touched hers. Their lips remained locked for thirty long minutes, which were the shortest thirty minutes of their lives. The sun had set leaving a faint trail of redness in the western horizon. It was time for him to leave, leave forever.

He looked deep into her eyes. "Our story is not over", he said,
"We will physically part. But our souls will always remain connected. We will remain connected through the earth, through the sun. through the moon and the stars. Wherever we are, with whoever we are, we will be connected through our mind and our heart. We will exist in each others loneliness, each others silence and each others secret tears. We will exist in each others dreams. Situation demands our separation but time will bring us back together; if not in this birth then in next birth. Every birth we will meet and part till a life comes when we will die in each others arms. Wait for me. I will come back to you."

He gave his last kiss on her forehead and walked away. And she kept standing there, staring at him till he disappeared.

Just then the last trail of daylight got wiped off from the western sky.


That was an evening of the first rains;
I was walking along the long hazy road
by your side
My fingers tangled with yours,
My head on your shoulder,
your lips caressing my hair.
The red shawl wrapped around both us
barely preventing us from getting drenched
Your body pressed against mine, all wet
yet the warmth of your body
fighting against the cruel monsoon winds
to defend me from its gelidity;
As fought the prince, from the old fairy tale
against the cruel witch,
to protect the princess
The showers of bliss pouring from above
as if trying to quench the fire
of our burning heart
But still it could not stop your wet lips
from touching mine
for the first time
Oh! what a moment of ecstasy it was!
when our lips locked each other.

That first touch of your lips
in that evening of the first rains
is the last reminiscence of our togetherness


A single rose
nestled amonst the pages of my diary
dried petals and faded color
still smells of February
still bears your touch
stlll has your memory
merges with the words
and narrates a lost story


Why do I still see your face
when I close my eyes?
Why do I still pine for you
in the long lonely nights?

When the moon rises in the sky
and peeps from behind the tree,
Why does my heart cry for you
with you I want to be?

When I walk down the long road
why your footsteps I hear?
I turn back with a hope
and why you dissappear?

When the western wind blows
why still your smell I get?
Why do I wake up at nights
and find my pillow wet?

Why do you still elude me
in my sad midnight dreams?
"I miss you my dear love"
why still my smashed heart screams?

Why I wrap my hand round 'self
and crave for your warmth?
Why my mind still misleads me
saying one day you will come?

When my one hand holds the other
as it cannot hold yours,

And when my trembling lips call you
Why my heart aches and sores?

Days have gone and years have passed
still why I feel so alone?
Yet for your unfaithful love
why still I cry and moan?

I WISH....

I wish to travel back in time;
And wipe off all the tears I have given you

I wish to travel back in time;
And undo every deed that hurt you

I wish to travel back in time;
And erase every mistake of mine

I wish to travel back in time;
And destroy every moment I have lied

I wish to travel back in time;
And take away all the pain I gave you

I wish to travel back in time;
And reverse every word that has stabbed you

I wish to travel back in time;
And make you smile everyday

I wish to travel back in time;
And make you feel special in everyway

I wish to tavel back in time;
And take you in my arms whenever you needed me

I wish to travel back in time;
And kiss your feet for the love you have given me

I wish to travel back in time
And relive my life with you again

I wish to travel back in time;
And make you believe in love again


Oh "you".........my unknown love
I search for "you"
in this vast world
Amongst the known faces
Amongst the unknown crowd
I dont find "you"
But I know you are there
Somewhere in this world
Thinking of me
As i think of "you"......

I dont know your face
I dont know your name
But i know "you" exist
Coz I have heard your voice
in the deep quiet nights
I have seen your shadow
in my midnight dreams
And i know you are there
Dreaming of me
As I dream of "you" .......

The western wind brings me your scent
And silence speaks your words
"Where are "you""? my heart calls
"You" dont reply,"you" dont come
But I know you are there
Searching for me
As I search for "you".......

I have cried to "you" in my saddest times
And thought of "you" in the deepest moments
When the moon shines bright in the sky
I try to see your face
And wonder if your also doing the same
I dont know where "you" are
But I know you are somewhere
Waiting for me
As I wait for "you"

Come to me oh! my "you"
Come and take me in your arms
Hide me from the world
As the clouds hides the moon
Take me with "you"
To where we belong
And I will spend my life
loving "you".......

I wait for "you" oh my love
In this empty world
Lonely in the crowd
Sad amongst the happy faces
I wait for "you"
And I will wait


You left my hand and walked away
And I stood there
Watching you go
Wondering what wrong I had done

You didnot turn
You didnot look back
And I stood there
I wanted to cry
I wanted to shout
I wanted to stop you
But I just stood still
Wondering what wrong I had done

My heart ached of utmost pain
When memories haunted me
My mind filled with deepest sorrow
As I stood there
Watching you go
And wondering what wrong I had done

Unanswered questions flooded my mind
And unfulfilled promises mocked at me
Incomplete dreams pricked mt eyes
When I stood there
Wondering what wrong I had done

Days have gone and years have passed
But memories did not fade
I still remember you
Every night and day
Silent tears continue to flow
I go back to the same place
And stand there for hours
Still wondering what wrong I had done

When she sat by the side of the river... forever...

She sat by the side of the river in the moonlight night. The cold breeze blowed and the sound of the river was breaking the silence of the night. The river water was shimmering. The face of the moon in the water shimmered along with. It resembled someone. It resembled him. He, who was no more there. She wept, the tear drops falling down from her eyes shone with the moonlight and sparkled like bright diamonds. Every tear was a sign of remembrance. Remembrance of the moments that were gone and would never comeback. Every tear had the brightness of her dreams. Dreams that she had once seen with him. Dreams that were her hope. Dreams that were her reason to live. Dreams that were being shattered one by one in the form of tears.
 The wind touched her everywhere. She shivered. It was as soft and gentle a touch as his. She closed her eyes to feel it. Memories of the good old days flashed in her mind. What went wrong she thought. Everything was so perfect. This was the place where she used to sit with him, every night and spent hours of togetherness. The river, the trees, the mountains and the stars, greeted them. She would sit close to him, with his hands wrapping around her and her head on his chest. And they would stare at the moon for hours. His inconspicuous face in the moonlight night was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He would hold her hand and whisper the words of love in her ears. Every word along with the sound of the river seemed like a music in her ears. That was the music of her life. The brightness of his eyes was the light of her life. The beat of his heart was the rhythm of her universe. He was all she ever dreamt off. He was the reason of her existence.
 She wrapped her hands around herself. Suddenly the wind felt so cold and sharp and was cutting through her flesh. The sound of the river disappeared. The moon light was so dark. The mountains at a distance looked like unknown demons coming to engulf her. The world was so silent. She felt scared. She felt lonely. She felt devastated. “I miss you…” she screamed “come back to me…”; there was no answer. Her voice hit the mountains and was thrown back to her. Even they didn’t want her words anymore. The universe no longer needed her. The meaning of her existence was lost. She un-wrapped her hands and opened her eyes to look around. The river was screaming, and moon was burning like a ball of fire, the leaves of the trees whispered like the evils from the hell. She held the wrist of her left hand with her right hand and closed her eyes again.
His face appeared in front of her. He had the same smile on his face that made her forget all her pain; the smile that she would die for. A deep sigh came out from within her. It brought along with all her dreams, her hopes, her emotions, her feelings and her pain. Now she was empty inside, blood ticked down her left hand. Her sharp nails had cut through her flesh and reached her veins, but she felt no pain, she could see him at a distance with his arms open wide. The noise of the world disappeared. She could hear his voice now. And she could hear music. She could feel his touch again. And then there was nothing. He lifeless body, lied on the wet grass by the side of the river, like a flower freshly fallen from a tree, a dry leaf form somewhere fell on her body as if to cover her. The tears dried in her cheeks the blood from her hand tricked down and was absorbed in the ground below, Thus she was back to him again….