When she sat by the side of the river... forever...

She sat by the side of the river in the moonlight night. The cold breeze blowed and the sound of the river was breaking the silence of the night. The river water was shimmering. The face of the moon in the water shimmered along with. It resembled someone. It resembled him. He, who was no more there. She wept, the tear drops falling down from her eyes shone with the moonlight and sparkled like bright diamonds. Every tear was a sign of remembrance. Remembrance of the moments that were gone and would never comeback. Every tear had the brightness of her dreams. Dreams that she had once seen with him. Dreams that were her hope. Dreams that were her reason to live. Dreams that were being shattered one by one in the form of tears.
 The wind touched her everywhere. She shivered. It was as soft and gentle a touch as his. She closed her eyes to feel it. Memories of the good old days flashed in her mind. What went wrong she thought. Everything was so perfect. This was the place where she used to sit with him, every night and spent hours of togetherness. The river, the trees, the mountains and the stars, greeted them. She would sit close to him, with his hands wrapping around her and her head on his chest. And they would stare at the moon for hours. His inconspicuous face in the moonlight night was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He would hold her hand and whisper the words of love in her ears. Every word along with the sound of the river seemed like a music in her ears. That was the music of her life. The brightness of his eyes was the light of her life. The beat of his heart was the rhythm of her universe. He was all she ever dreamt off. He was the reason of her existence.
 She wrapped her hands around herself. Suddenly the wind felt so cold and sharp and was cutting through her flesh. The sound of the river disappeared. The moon light was so dark. The mountains at a distance looked like unknown demons coming to engulf her. The world was so silent. She felt scared. She felt lonely. She felt devastated. “I miss you…” she screamed “come back to me…”; there was no answer. Her voice hit the mountains and was thrown back to her. Even they didn’t want her words anymore. The universe no longer needed her. The meaning of her existence was lost. She un-wrapped her hands and opened her eyes to look around. The river was screaming, and moon was burning like a ball of fire, the leaves of the trees whispered like the evils from the hell. She held the wrist of her left hand with her right hand and closed her eyes again.
His face appeared in front of her. He had the same smile on his face that made her forget all her pain; the smile that she would die for. A deep sigh came out from within her. It brought along with all her dreams, her hopes, her emotions, her feelings and her pain. Now she was empty inside, blood ticked down her left hand. Her sharp nails had cut through her flesh and reached her veins, but she felt no pain, she could see him at a distance with his arms open wide. The noise of the world disappeared. She could hear his voice now. And she could hear music. She could feel his touch again. And then there was nothing. He lifeless body, lied on the wet grass by the side of the river, like a flower freshly fallen from a tree, a dry leaf form somewhere fell on her body as if to cover her. The tears dried in her cheeks the blood from her hand tricked down and was absorbed in the ground below, Thus she was back to him again….