Do you hear me crying?
Do you see that inside Im dying?
A gruelling pain gnawing on my heart
Do you see is ripping me apart?

Do you see the tears disguised as smile
Is stabbing my mind all the while?
The sieved soul inside my shell
Is sobbing like a battered child?

Do you see I try to hide
The wound you gave
Though it doesnt let me thrive.
With every smirk I try to fake
My spirit dies another death.

Do you know I spend my nights
Thinking bout how you denied
The fact that you were ever mine,
Quelling a love so divine.

And now, when that you are gone
'Coz I hate being on my own,
I just lift my hands and pray,
Heaven take my life away..


Beneath the giant oak tree
He kneels.
With a red rose in his hands.
In the old church graveyard.
Before him a gravestone stands.
I sit just beside him.
As the moonlight gleams his eyes
They shimmer like a teeming mere.
He looks up to the sky.
His lips are sealed
But he speaks a thousand words
Of love that I can feel.
A lonely tear moistenes his cheeks.
I reach out for it to wipe
But I cant touch him.
This feeling I cannot describe.
I watch him cry,I watch him pine.
Like a sook,I watch him, whine.
I yearn to spiel
To consol him.
But I stay quiet and silently scream.

We are so near
And yet so far.
A chasm between us that'll never disappear.
By the game of the cruel fate,
We are apart by life and death.

On the grave stone that bears my name
He keeps the rose
And lights a candle flame.
The flickering blaze of the candle light
Makes the cenotaph blessed and bright.

I want him to stop
I want him to stay.
But I blankly stare
As he walks away..


There are times, good and bad;
Times am happy,ytimes am sad.
There are times I rip apart
There are times I break at heart.
But the time thats divine and true
Is the time I spend with U.

There are times when life betrays
There are times when no one stays.
There are times when all goes wrong,
There are times when nights seem long.
But the time when dreams pursue
Is the time i spend with you.

Time is friend and time is foe,
It takes you high and brings you low.
It hurts you bad,it wipes your tears.
It leaves a scar that doesnot disappear.
But the zeal it cant sublime..
Our story written in sands of time..