As the morning dewdrops blaze
On the tip of the maple leaf,
The tangerine rays of the sun
Announce a pristine beginning.
As the aroma of the prime
Blends with the innocent breeze,
And the chirps bring the seraphic chimes,
I see a new boulvard ahead,
Opening to a new horizon,
New dreams.

Life is beckoning again....


Take me to the world of "closed eyes",

The world to where I belong.
The world where the dreams know no bounds
And every heart has a song.

Where butterflies flutter on my hands
With blended colors of love.
Where the rainbow lands to make a way
For me to the heaven above.

Where there's smile in every star
And music in the moon.
Where happiness flows from every flower
Where life is just a boon

Where the water in the mere shimmers
Like dreaming sparkling eyes.
Where every blue night brings the light

Of thousand fireflies...

Where the zephyre mild brings your touch
And love is everywhere.
I wait for you my mystique angel
To come and take me there.