She was sitting beside him with his hands wrapped around her. They were by the side of the sea. This is where they had first met. And here they were again, but today for the last time ever. They would never meet again, they would never see each other for the rest of their lives.

He was looking at her. Hers was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Her eyes so deep, were envious even to the depth of the sea. The color of her lips embarassed even the setting sun. The wind was playing with her silky locks bringing ot over her face again and again. And he was tucking it behind her ears. He had always loved to do it.

Her mood was lost somewhere in the distant red horizon. Her fingers were tangled with his. "In few minutes the sun will set", she thought, "and darkness will engulf the world". She looked at him. His blue eyes were looking ever more blue in this blue evening. She would get herself lost for hours in them. But after this day she would never see them again. None of them uttered a word. But their eyes exchanged endless emotions. Tears rolled down her cheeks. He had wiped her tears so many times before when she had cried for stupid reasons or over silly fights. But today he let them flow.

He then cupped her face between his hands and his lips touched hers. Their lips remained locked for thirty long minutes, which were the shortest thirty minutes of their lives. The sun had set leaving a faint trail of redness in the western horizon. It was time for him to leave, leave forever.

He looked deep into her eyes. "Our story is not over", he said,
"We will physically part. But our souls will always remain connected. We will remain connected through the earth, through the sun. through the moon and the stars. Wherever we are, with whoever we are, we will be connected through our mind and our heart. We will exist in each others loneliness, each others silence and each others secret tears. We will exist in each others dreams. Situation demands our separation but time will bring us back together; if not in this birth then in next birth. Every birth we will meet and part till a life comes when we will die in each others arms. Wait for me. I will come back to you."

He gave his last kiss on her forehead and walked away. And she kept standing there, staring at him till he disappeared.

Just then the last trail of daylight got wiped off from the western sky.