Another leisurely evening. I am lying here on my terrace with the diary in my hands, listening to my Ipod. The cacophonies of the world are being musk-ed by the melodious Westlife. Straight above me is the quarter moon struggling hard to spread its soothing light on me from behind the rapidly floating clouds, floating towards some unknown destination. I stare at the wretched clouds. Bizarre of thoughts are flooding my mind. I am looking at only a very small part of the vast universe above, which holds within itself the darkest eternal mysteries. Just like how the human soul is... full of unsolved mysteries.

Where are these clouds floating to? Why are they floating across me without showering on me? Looks like nature has allotted them some specific area pour upon. Just like how each one of us have come to this world with a specific purpose, to play a specific role. As Shakespeare had said that the world is but a stage and we are but actor playing our own parts.

Sometimes I wonder what my role is!!!
The moon is trying to say something to me. As I stare at the moon, it seems to be moving through the clouds, trying to move away from me. What an illusion! Our life is full of such illusions, our minds are full of such illusions. When the clouds of misunderstandings fill our minds, a very close someone seems to be moving away from us. But what we fail to realize is, that the moon stays where it is, its just the clouds that are causing this delusion.

Often I wonder what this life is all about. For me it is like walking alone in a vast dry desert. Every-time I run towards an oasis, it turns out to be a mere mirage. We are all wanderers in the desert of life. Just that some find their oasis before the others, while some like me, wander forever, lonely and lost.


"I LOVE YOU"... these words get trapped in my lips when I see you.

When I look into your eyes, I find my entire world in them.
And all that comes to my mind is that, "I LOVE YOU".
When you smile at me, the innocence of it weakens my breath.
And all I feel is that, I LOVE YOU.
The way you tenderly touch my hands, leaves a shiver down my body.
And my mind cries out aloud, "I LOVE YOU".
My heart skips a beat when your lips softly utter my name.
And my heartbeats just say, "I LOVE YOU".

"I LOVE YOU"... so many times my eyes have tried to express these words.
But I wonder why I could never speak them out.
When you take your eyes off me, my lips silently utter them.
And when you look at me again, my face becomes expressionless like a mannequin.
But a voice deep within me calls out your name and screams..."I LOVE YOU".


As the blue night falls,
I wait for you,
As you tiptoe into my room,
And slowly sit by my side,
you look into my eyes,
And softly keep your hands on mine,
I bury my face in your chest,
And you softly kiss my forehead,
Your touch takes away,
All the pain the world has given me,
You caress my hair,
And whisper into my ears,
Your breath takes away,
All my loneliness,
You take the rolling drop of my tear,
On your fingertips,
And touch my eyes with your lips,
The warmth of your arms around me,
Take all the worldly agony,
In my dreams you are mine forever,
But in my life, you are just a midnight dream.


Another bereaved evening just passes by.
The clouds in the sky are on a journey towards some unknown destination. The bright, reddish moon playing hide and seek behind the veil of the wretched clouds like a shy new bride. The noise of the world slowly fading into the silence of the night.
The wind caressing me and playing with my hair, trying to distract me as I close my eyes and try to feel the face that eludes me in midnight dreams.
The leaves of the trees whispering the unspoken story of a perennial love of the departed souls into my ears, as the wind passes through them.
A lonely evening star peeping from behind the clouds and eyeing me, as i sit here thinking of you.
Some unknown flower fills the air with with magical fragnance, as if trying to send some secret message to the night fairy. At a distance some night bird crying aloud as if trying to beckon its lost flame.
Yet another lonely evening thus getting over, leaving behind an abandoned soul, in its eternal wait for a forfeited love.