Who's The One who's made for me?
Who's The One who'll forever be?
Who's The One about whom I dream,
Every night. I wait for him.
All day and all time.
Who's The One who's forever mine?

Who's The One who'd feel my pain,
Before I speak of it? Who has no gain
In loving me. And yet,
Would love me with no bounds, no end.
The One who'd forever hold my hand?

Who's The One who'd read my thoughts?
Who's The One who'd love me a lot,
For whoever I am. No matter what.
Who's The One who'd never give up?

Who's The One whose very sight,
Would snatch all my fear and fright?
Who's The One who'd make me forget.
All the grief and all thats bad?
Who's The One who'd be my fate?
Who's The One who's my SOULMATE?


Every drop of tear,
Every sad note I hear,
Every moment of blue,
All lead me back to you.

Every poem I write,
In such long, gloomy nights,
And my lonely thoughts too,
All lead me back to you.

The deep, helpless sighs,
Long lost dreams that prick my eyes,
This much I know is true,
All lead me back to you.

At the end of the day,
Every prayer I say,
And my secret wishes do,
Still lead me back to you.