Mirror mirror on the wall,solve the mystery of my soul”,I whisper to the person on the other side of the mirror.

But my mirror only reflects back the earthly body that Ive been bearing for the past 25 yrs.Encased within this cascade of flesh and blood is a soul that totally unknown to me.
Who am I? I often wonder. Why am I?
I try to look deep into the eyes of my own reflection,as if trying to reach within my own self.
But I get lost.Lost in a maze of broken dreams and unfulfilled desires.
My eyes reveal no secret of my soul.My mind like a plank tossing in a vast ocean of variegated thoughts.
I close my eyes and try to feel my own heartbeat,with and attempt to figure out the meaning of the rhythmic lub dub sound.I feel an emptiness within me,a never ending void.I feel a deep excruciating pain inside.
My eyes getting moist,my vision getting blurred.
I try to think about my closed ones.Smiling faces in sepia appear in my mind-mom,dad,boyfriend,my family.
Yet why this chasm,why this void?Why this weird pain inside?Why this incompleteness in my eyes.
What is the quest of my soul,I know not.What is the destination i crave to reach?
Who is this stranger in my mirror?