Often in the cold dark moments
I sit all alone,
Wearing the warmth of your thoughts
Closing my eyes and
Wrapping my hands around myself.
Though you are with me no more,
But I still feel you,
In the silence of these moments.

Even though we are apart,
Yet you survive within me.
In my mind and soul,
In every drop of tear that flows
In every beat of my heart,
In every deep sigh that comes within me.

The tears dry as the moments tick by,
But the pain does not die.
And the wound still survives,
A waiting heart still calls your name
A dying soul still cries.
"Come back...I MISS YOU".


That was a night of an evil storm,
That was a night in disastrous form.

That was a night of endless tears,
That was a night of worst nightmares.

That was a night of shattered dreams,
That was a night of painful screams .

That was a night of broken heart,
That was a night I tore apart.

That was a night of suffering soul,
That was a night, darkest of all.

That was a night of last adieu,
That was the night when I lost you.