I cant see You 
But I know You are there.
I can feel You,
I feel You everywhere.

When I cry,You wipe me tears,
When I am scared You take away my fears.
The sight of Your eyes pierce through my soul.
I cant see You
But I know I am not alone.

When the midnight falls 
You make me sleep.
Oh the feel of Your touch!
It makes me weep.

When you hold me tight
Inside your arms.
I cant see You
But I feel Your warmth.

I close my eyes 
And tenderly You kiss.
I cant see You
But it feels like a bliss.

When I talk to You
Inside my mind.
You hear my thoughts
And endure my whines.
I feel Your whisper so close to me ears.
I cant see You
But I know You're always here.

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