I want to break free of the shackles
That are holding me back.
I want to smear  my life
With the colors that it lacks.
I want to fly up high
And reach for my dreams.
I want to stand on a mountain top
And ecstatically scream.
I want to giggle and play 
Like a newly born child.
I want to flutter around
Like a butterfly wild.
I want to cry out loud
Whenever things go bad.
I want to sing aloud
Whenever i am sad.
I want to lay down beneath the stars
And hear the tune they play.
I want to stand amidst the meadows
With the breeze as they sway.
I want to sit back quiet and
listen to the sea as it roars.
I want to build the castlesof dream
Along the entire seashore.
As the first rain falls,
I want to kiss every drop.
With each pristine day
I want to feel a new hope.

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