She could feel the velvety touch of the grass beneath her as she laid on her back and stared at the white clouds floating thru th crystal blue sky. This one love was going to burn her soul forever, she knew.
Tomorrw was the last day. Probably the last time she would ever meet him. She knew she had to get him off her mind. Actuality was beckoning and she had to return. But it seemd like the most impossble task for her to do. She knew those dark brown eyes and the charming smile was going to haunt her for the rest of her life. She knew she was in love with him. She fell in love the very frst day she saw him. And she fell in love the next day she saw him again. The more she saw him the more she fell in love with him. And the more she fell in love with him the more helpless she felt. Coz she would never become his and he would never be hers. At least thats what reality demanded.
But that eve,getting wet in the vienna drizzle, she dint care about reality anymore. With him walking by her side, she felt at home. That was the first time they spoke but to her it seemed she had known him forver. She had never experienced these many hormones playing with her senses all at once. And when his fingers brushed against hers the line between dream and reality began to fade and finally disappeared. He was her dream and he was her truth at the same time. They dint exchange a lot of words but the glances they shared and the smile they tossed at each other were enough to put even the greatest tales of love to shame. She could feel this invisible thread which was going on pulling her towards him how much ever she tried to resist. There was a line around her that she wasnt meant to cross. But little did the rain drops know tat. Little did the quilt of the wind that bound them together know that. The demand of the moment was much greater than her bitter truth and she stoppd fighting herself. That was their moment. The whole world around her began to fade away . She would never forget the goosebumps that shook her body when  his gaze pierced through the core of her soul. "At last i found you ", the smile on his face screamed. And finally when his lips found hers she wished time to come to a stop too. In his arms she found her tranquility. She wanted to merge with him when he scooped her up into his embrace. And thats when she knew that their souls were inseparable, intertwined.

But now as she lay on the velvety touch of the green grass staring at the white clouds floating over her, she could hear her reality calling her back. After tommorow she would probably never see him again. And she knew that this one love was going to burn her soul forever.

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